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About Handicare Auto Products

Handicare Auto Products offers solutions and support to increase the independence of disabled or elderly people as well as to improve the convenience of those who are caring for them. 

We deliver the equipment for special vehicle conversions including M1 and M2 minibuses, ambulances, prisoner transportation vehicles, crew cabins etc. 


These vehicles are most often equipped with detachable seats, wheelchair lifts or wheelchair and occupant restraint systems (WTORS).


Our main succes criteria in these vehicles is to combine safety, flexibility and ease-of-use. All products used are tested according to the highest European standards and we only chose products which are easy to install and to operate.

We are a proud member of the Handicare Group. Please visit our corporate site for more information about Handicare Group.




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Our product range includes:

• M1 Aluminium Floors


• Wheelchair Lifts & Ramps


• Door Openers


• Wheelchair & Occupant Restraint Systems (WTORS)


• Wheelchair Hoists


• Electric Parking Brakes


• Power Seat Bases


• Hand Controls


• Vehicle Door Steps


• Vehicle Lights


• Much Much More

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