For extremely large and heavy users - over 200 kg/440 lbs

BariSling is a lifting sling that is designed for lifting users weighing 200 kg/440lbs or more. It can be used in combination with both mobile and stationary lifts, with a four-point sling bar or with BariTurn.

BariSling has six suspension points; two loops at the back and four below, under the legs, to distribute pressure safely and comfortably.

BariSling is available in one size for users weighing max 570 kg/1250 lbs.

  • Undivided leg supports; left in the chair under the user after completed transfer
  • Shoulder-high back; the user is supported from the hollows of the knees up to the shoulders and under the legs
  • Slightly reclined seated posture
  • Special model for extremely large and heavy users (over 200 kg/440 lbs)
  • SWL 570 kg/1250 lbs

Accessories for individual adaptation
Accessories for individual adaptation are available. For more information, please see the links at the bottom of the page.


Application areas
  • From Bed To Wheelchair
Model specification
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Manual BariSling FR 205 KB
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