For sitting transfers and for positioning in bed

MoveMaster is a slightly different, open sliding mat with handles at one end.

MoveMaster is very useful during many seated transfers, such as from beds to wheelchairs or from wheelchairs to cars. MoveMaster can also be used for turning in bed and for assisting users to move higher up in bed.

MoveMaster is particularly well suited for use against bare skin when transferring to shower chairs or to the toilet.

  • Compact and convenient, always at hands.
  • ULF, our unique sliding material, reduces the friction under the user, enabling performance of transfers using very little force.
  • Soft padding enables comfortable, gentle transfers.
  • The strong and easy-to-grip handles at the end facilitate transfers for single caregivers.
  • Reinforced seams provide extra strength.


Application areas
  • From Bed To Wheelchair
  • From Wheelchair To Toilet
  • Higher Up In Bed
  • Turning In Bed
  • From Bed To Commode
Model specification
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