For supine transfers, seated positioning and application of lifting slings

ReadySlide is a thin, pliable and very  easy-to-use sliding mat that facilitates various types of lying transfers of users, positioning in chairs and application of lifting slings in a seated position. Click here to find out more about application of lifting slings facilitated by ReadySlide.

ReadySlide is made of Handicare’s own unique sliding material ULF (Ultra Low Friction). By reducing the friction under the user, simple and safe transfers can be performed with very little effort and without the need for lifting. It is comfortable for the user and it saves the caregiver’s back and shoulders.

ReadySlide is available in different sizes. The larger models are used for transfers between bed and gurney or for turning in bed. The smaller model can be used for turning in bed, for repositioning higher up in bed or for transfers between bed and wheelchair/toilet. The largest model is available with or without handles at the sides.


Application areas
  • Higher Up In Bed
  • Positioning In Chair
  • Supine Transfer
  • Turning In Bed
  • Application Of Lifting Slings
  • Standaard Pakket
Model specification
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