For supine transfers

How can a bridge move and still be safe?

Differences in height can pose a big problem. And sometimes it is difficult to get close enough to ensure smooth transfers for users and staff. RollerSlide, which is used for supine transfers, bridges gaps and moves with the users during the transfer.

RollerSlide consists of a padded sliding board with a cover made from ULF (Ultra Low Friction), our own sophisticated sliding material that slides round the board during transfer. The sliding material reduces the friction under the user, which facilitates the transfer and avoids unnecessary lifting for the staff. RollerSlide also ensures very gentle transfers for users who are injured or very sensitive to pain.

RollerSlide is both easy to use and simple to maintain. The replaceable sliding cover can easily be cleaned and disposable covers provide for even further improved hygiene and less laundry.

Flexi and light versions

RollerSlide is available in several version and sizes. RollerSlide, flexi is a lighter and bendable version of RollerSlide. And RollerSlide, light is a light-weight version of RollerSlide, flexi. All three versions of RollerSlide are available in two lengths, one which covers the entire body and one wich covers the trunk. The longer versions are foldable in the middle.

RollerSlide, flexi can be folded lengthwise along the centreline of the user or the bed and effortlessly adapts to the surface it rests on. This version does not require a flat surface and therefore it is very practical for transfers from ambulance stretchers or other uneven surfaces. In all other respects, RollerSlide, flexi is similar to the basic RollerSlide model.

  • A rigid inner board guarantees a stable transfer even when there is a gap and a difference in height.
  • RollerSlide bridges gaps of up to 20 cm/8” and evens out any height differences.
  • The sliding cover made from ULF, our unique sliding material, rotates around the board and gives a very simple and smooth transfer.
  • RollerSlide is foldable which makes it easy to handle and transport.
  • RollerSlide has handles at the short ends.



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