Accessories for manual transfer aids

Accessories provide increased usability, versatility and safety and the possibility to create optimal solutions for all transfer situations and for users with different needs. In this section you will find a selection of accessories for Handicare's manual transfer aids.

Disposable cover, EasySlide

Accessory for EasySlide. Disposable plastic covers for EasySlide provide for improved hygiene and less laundry.

Protective cover, EasySlide

Accessory for EasySlide. Most models and sizes of EasySlide can be fitted with a replaceable protective cover for improved hygiene.


A super-absorbent incontinence protection available in several variants and sizes for beds and wheelchairs.


An accessory that is used to support the user's heels during sit-to-stand and transfer with ReTurn7500i and ReTurn7400.


An accessory for extra support and security during standing, gait training and transfers with belts, sit-to-stand aids and transfer platforms.


A clever aid for easier visits to the toilet. Keeps the user's pants in place.


BackSupport is an accessory providing extra stability and security for users during transfers with QuickMove.


A tag for labeling of lifting slings, belts and other assistive devices.

Sliding cover, RollerSlide

Accessory for RollerSlide. Replaceable sliding cover made from ULF (Ultra Low Friction), Handicare's own sophisticated sliding material.

Locking strap, EasySlide

Accessory/spare part for EasySlide sliding mats with fastening straps; EasySlide 1420, 1430, 1470, 1480.

Bag, ReTurn

A practical bag for transport and storage of ReTurn7500i or ReTurn7400.


Accessory for RoWalker400. Enable convenient use of an oxygen tank during walking training.

Rising ladder, ReTurn

Exchangeable rising ladders for ReTurn7500i and ReTurn7400 provide solutions for different users and maximum usability.


WallRack provides for convenient storing of sliding mats and disposable covers for RollerSlide and EasySlide.