Application of lifting slings

Simplicity is one of the most important fundamental principles behind Handicare. Activating the user and encouraging the user to use his or her natural patterns of movement are two others. By utilizing the user's own strength and capability also in lifting situations, we can perform easy, safe and gentle transfers while helping to improve the user's muscle tone, sense of independence, control and dignity.

Simple and convenient application of lifting slings

The user's functional ability and need for support determine the choice of lifting sling model, but also the choice of application and removal technique. There are several well-proven and commonly used methods for applying and removing slings. These methods can be found in the user manual for each individual lifting sling model. However, in order to make application and removal of lifting slings faster, easier and more convenient and, above all, to activate the user as much as possible, we have developed a number of Handicare methods.

By combining small, simple and effective assistive devices from other product groups in the Handicare line with aids for mechanical lifting, we are able to create many different, individualized solutions for all types of users and for all situations. In this section, we present a few examples. Naturally, our talented product specialists and representatives will be pleased to show you more!

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When seated in a chair or wheelchair, application facilitated by EasyGlide

From a recumbent position in bed, application facilitated by EasyGlide


From a recumbent position on the floor, application facilitated by EasyGlide