Grab rails

Convenient support and increased safety in all locations
Handicare’s grab rails are available in many different models, lengths, materials and colours. They provide secure and reliable support in many critical areas and are great solutions for prevention of accidents in all indoor spaces. A grab rail is a very convenient form of support that can easily be installed in any location and exactly where it is needed; in the bathroom or shower, next to the washbasin or by the toilet, but also in the kitchen, hallway or bedroom. In all locations, the grab rail can be installed in the optimal position for the user; horizontal, vertical or diagonal, to provide a safe and comfortable grip and maximum support.

Ergogrip grab rails - for a unique, ergonomic grip
The Ergogrip grab rails have been specially designed to provide a good, strong and ergonomic grip. These grab rails feature a round tube with an ergonomic diameter, allowing both large and small hands and fingers to wrap around the tube in a firm and secure grip and providing plenty of room for the hand between the tube and the wall. Furthermore, the tube and its unique angle of 60° rather than the conventional 90° allows the hand and wrist to retain a natural position even while holding the grab rail at the corner.

Ergogrip 90° grab rails

90° angled grab rails in several variants and sizes provide optimum support next to the toilet or bath and in the shower.

Stair newel grab rails

For support in difficult locations such as on spiral staircases and on external corners of two walls.

Door frame grab rails

For extra support when crossing a doorstep. 3 different lengths, specially designed for installation on door frames.

Grab rail

Aluminium/plastic straight grab rail in six lengths. For secure support in bathrooms, showers, toilets and many other places.