Into and out of vehicles

From simple to complex scenarios

Hereunder you will find Handicare's solutions for manual transfers of active and somewhat active users, from simple to more complex scenarios. More information about the different transfer aids and how to use them can be found on the respective product pages.

Combination of devices provides individually adapted solutions 

To create optimal solutions for users with different needs, most assistive devices can be used in combination with one or several other manual transfer aids. The user manual, the movies and the "See also" section at the bottom of the respective product page provide more information and suggestions on combinations.

Solutions for passive users

For more information about our solutions for passive users, please go to the For lifting of passive users section which is available in the left hand side navigation.


Makes it easier to get into cars and into a comfortable position.


For manual lifting in a seated position, for example when lifting a user into or out of an aircraft or bus seat.


For sitting transfers to and from wheelchairs, beds, toilets, car seats and many other seated positions.