Other manual transfer aids

In this section you will find Handicare's assistive devices for manual sitting transfers of users between two units, for example from bed to bed, from bed to wheelchair and from wheelchair to toilet but also for manual supine and/or sitting positioning of users within the same unit, for example turning in bed, moving higher up in bed and positioning in wheelchair and for support during sit-to-stand. Each productpage includes information about what transfer situations the device in question is suited for.


FootStool Cover is a wipeable cover designed to use together with FootStool.


Facilitates repositioning of a user, e.g. when moving the user further back in a chair or wheelchair.

AntiSlip mat

AntiSlip is used as support under the feet or between two sliding materials to create friction and prevent sliding.


A wheel attachment allowing a regular chair to be mobile. For short transfers without lifting.


Provides excellent support under the user's feet during seated transfers and toileting or when repositioning further back in a wheelchair.