Preventing pressure sores

Many users are confined to a life in bed or in a wheelchair. For these users, pressure sores are all too often the cause of great pain. Pressure and shearing during lying/sitting as well as friction during transfers are primary factors for ulceration. Impaired blood supply often occurs when the major part of the body weight is distributed on a small surface. High pressure between the body and the underlying surface causes the blood flow in the area to decrease or stop. In this case, the skin can be sensitive to shearing forces. A small shear can have devastating consequences, resulting in ulcers and great suffering.

Pressure relief is of critical importance

Every pressure sore we can avoid makes life easier for bedridden users. Many Handicare transfer aids are also friction-reducing aids and designed to work in combination with, for instance, pressure-relieving mattresses in order to achieve maximum effect in the fight against pressure sores. Hereunder you will find most of them.

EasySlide, 190 x 60

For supine transfers to and from beds, x-ray or operating tables, shower trolleys and stretchers, but also for turning in bed or on x-ray or operating tables .


A sliding sheet intended for users who have difficulties turning in bed and a base sheet for WendyLett2Way and WendyLett4Way.


A satin sliding sheet intended for users who have dificulties turning in bed.


A drawsheet which is adapted to WendyLett base sheet so that sliding sideways is facilitated while sliding down in bed is much reduced.


For turning of heavy and pain-sensitive users.


A combined turning device and incontinence protection.

WendyLett package

Several complete packages combining WendyLett with a WendyLett2Way or a WendyLett4Way, suitable for different bed widths and end user needs.


A sliding drawsheet designed to work in combination with WendyLett to facilitate sliding sideways, upwards and downwards in bed.