Sliding sheets

In this section you will find Handicare's sliding sheets for manual supine and/or sitting positioning of users, for example turning in bed and moving higher up in bed. Each productpage includes information about what transfer situations the device in question is suited for.

You will also find a good overview of our sliding sheet portfolio by looking in our brochure "Sliding Sheets for all Occasions"


A sliding sheet intended for users who have difficulties turning in bed and a base sheet for WendyLett2Way and WendyLett4Way.


A drawsheet which is adapted to WendyLett base sheet so that sliding sideways is facilitated while sliding down in bed is much reduced.

EasyRoll Sliding Sheet Elastic

EasyRoll is unlined and consists of a sliding surface laminated on a sheet. This version have an elastic band embedded on the edges keeping the sheet fixed to the mattress during use.


A sliding drawsheet designed to work in combination with WendyLett to facilitate sliding sideways, upwards and downwards in bed.

WendyLett package

Several complete packages combining WendyLett with a WendyLett2Way or a WendyLett4Way, suitable for different bed widths and end user needs.

EasyRoll Anticubitus SlidingS

EasyRoll Sliding Sheet Anticubitus was developed to be used together with an anticubitus mattress. It has the same functionality as the other EasyRoll Sliding Sheets, including marker seams for easy placement of the sheet.


A pillowcase for easy and comfortable moving higher up in bed or into a seated position.

EasyRoll 4way Sliding Drawsheet

A sliding drawsheet that slides in four directions for healthcare professionals for easy turning/repositioning of a user who is in bed.


A super-absorbent incontinence protection available in several variants and sizes for beds and wheelchairs.

Mattress cover

An easy to use protector of the mattress. A good and cheap alternative to keep the mattress fresh for a long time.


A tailored mattress cover that is used under a regular sheet for turning and repositioning higher up in bed.


A satin sliding sheet intended for users who have dificulties turning in bed.


A combined turning device and incontinence protection.


For turning of heavy and pain-sensitive users.