Undivided leg supports

The user's functional level and status determine the need for support and other lifting sling functions and, thereby, also the choice of lifting sling model.

Lifting slings with undivided leg supports are left under the user after lifting is completed. They are ideal for immobile, spastic, pain-sensitive and/or dementia users.

A low back provides less support and allows greater possibility for activation. Suitable for users with good head stability, good torso stability and adequate muscular tonus.

A shoulder-high back provides more support and enables a certain degree of activation. Suitable for users with good head stability, reduced torso stability and a degree of muscular tonus.

A high back provides a lot of support, even for the head. Suitable for users with poor stability and muscular tonus.


For extremely large and heavy users - over 200 kg/440 lbs.


Gentle support for users with good head stability.