Washbasin adaptations

Optimal settings and support for all users
The washbasin is one of the most frequently used bathroom equipment as many personal care tasks are performed either using it directly or standing or sitting right next to it. The washbasin is also very inviting to lean on for support but, as the ceramics and mounting parts are not designed for this load, the washbasin is not a safe support. In a bathroom with multiple users, the washbasin offers further, more practical challenges. Most of the time, a standard washbasin is s legs. And, for a standing user, a washbasin adapted for sitting users is usually too low.

With the washbasin adaptations of Handicare, any washbasin can be fitted with a simple and easy to use height adjustment system or with a sturdy and secure grab rail for extra support, to make the washbasin and the bathroom safe and really well suited for all users without making concessions to the choice for the interior.

Washbasin rail

A sturdy support rail which goes all the way around the washbasin to offer support during standing and when rising from a seated position.

Washbasin adjustment system

A simple device for smooth adjustment of the height and depth of a washbasin and an ideal solution for a bathroom with multiple users with different needs.

Flexible supply and drain set

Accessory for Washbasin adjustment system. Complete set with washbasin plug, flexible drain hose, trap and two flexible supply hoses for hot and cold water.