9V battery and cable

For emergency lowering

All models and special versions of RiseAtlas are fitted with manual emergency stop as well as electrical and manual emergency lowering. The electrical emergency lowering is powered by the built-in battery of the lift unit. A separate 9V battery, supplied as an accessory, provides functionality also during a power failure and increases the security.

9V battery and cable is available as an accessory for:


  • RiseAtlas450M, item number 50100057
  • RiseAtlas450T, item number 50100058
  • RiseAtlas450T, item number 50100052
  • RiseAtlas625M, item number 50100059
  • RiseAtlas625T, item number 50100060
  • RiseAtlas625T, item number 50100053



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Model specification
Art. no.70200047
Name9V battery and cable
DescriptionFor emergency lowering, accessory for RiseAtlas450 (50100057, 50100058, 50100052) and RiseAtlas625 (50100059, 50100060, 50100053)
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