Adjustable clamp levers

Accessories for height adjustment systems

Handicare’s height adjustment systems allow for smooth and easy height adjustment of wall mounted hinged arm supports and shower seats, when and as required, without drilling of extra holes in the wall or new installation. With a set of Adjustable clamp levers, which is available as an accessory, adjusting the height of the arm support or shower seat is as easy as can be.


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Model specification
Art. no.LI2815.0010-00LI2815.0020-00
NameAdjustable clamp leversAdjustable clamp levers
DescriptionFixing clamp set for Height adjustment system LI2615.3004-xx (for arm supports) and Height adjustment system LI2215.1014-xx (for shower seats), black plastic, 2 pcs/1 set for one systemFixing clamp set for Height adjustment system LI2215.1024-xx (for shower seats), black plastic, 4 pcs/1 set for one system
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