Four-point sling bar with built-in adjustment function

BariBar is a four-point aluminium/steel sling bar which is used, in combination with a correctly fitted lifting sling and a ceiling lift unit approved by Handicare, for lifting of users weighing up to 454 kg/1000 lbs. BariBar opens up the lifting sling to provide more space a more reclined seated position, which is suitable for larger and heavier and/or pain-sensitive users.

BariBar is very easy to use. The built-in adjustment function automatically adapts the sling bar to each user for optimal comfort. Reliable safety latches prevent the lifting sling straps from creeping out of the sling bar.


BariBar is supplied complete fitted with BariBarWrap, a wipeable protection providing secure handling of the four-point sling bar.


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Model specification
Art. no.70200072
DescriptionFour-point sling bar for ceiling lift units approved by Handicare
SWL454 kg
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