EasyRoll Anticubitus SlidingS

EasyRoll Sliding Sheet Anticubitus

This sheet was developed to be used together with an anticubitus mattress. It has the same functionality as the other EasyRoll Sliding Sheets, including marker seams for easy placement of the sheet. The difference is that the top is made out of polyester making this a very thin
sheet suitable for anticubitus mattresses.

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Application areas
  • Turning In Bed
Model specification
Art. no.45901S45902S45903S
NameEasyRoll Anticubitus SlidingSEasyRoll Anticubitus SlidingSEasyRoll Anticubitus SlidingS
Length1000 mm1400 mm2000 mm
Width2200 mm2200 mm2200 mm
Bedsize, width90 cm90 cm90 cm
Sliding surface70 cm70 cm70 cm
ColorWhite/Dark greyWhite/Dark greyWhite/Dark grey
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