EasyRoll 2way Draw Sheet

EasyRoll Draw Sheet 2way

EasyRoll Draw Sheet is used in combination with EasyRoll Sliding Sheet.

The draw sheet is placed directly on top of the sliding sheet, and the user lies on the draw sheet. The combination of the sliding sheet and the draw sheet is a very good aid for turning a care recipient who is in bed. By gripping the draw sheet and pulling it, the user can be moved into the desired position very easily.

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Model specification
Art. no.21012101S
NameEasyRoll 2way DrawsheetEasyRoll 2way Drawsheet
DescriptionDraw Sheet L100xW185Draw Sheet L140xW200
Length1000 mm1400 mm
Width1850 mm2000 mm
ColorBlue/White stripedBlue/White striped
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