EasySlide, disposable

EasySlide on a roll – a personal sliding mat for short-term use

EasySlide, disposable is a unbelievably versatile sliding mat that makes many common transfers, even heavy ones, easier for both the user and the caregiver. The practical, hygienic package contains a roll with up to 60 individual EasySlide mats for short-term use. That means many easy transfers with maximum hygiene and safety.

For turning and repositioning in bed, for supine and seated transfers, for repositioning in a seated position and for application of lifting slings

EasySlide, disposable is a thin, pliable and very easy-to-use sliding mat that can be used to facilitate turning and repositioning higher up in bed, for supine and seated transfers, and for repositioning in the seated position. EasySlide, disposable can also be used to lift the user’s legs in and out of bed, to assist dressing and undressing, and to facilitate application of a lifting sling.


Click here for more information about application of lifting slings.


EasySlide, disposable is an assistive device that makes it easier for more active users to move on their own. Naturally, it’s a matter of improving quality of life, but activating a user in bed also encourages circulation and micro-movements that prevent bedsores.

The format, 50 x 70 cm, is ideal for heavy, relatively active users, and for positioning and repositioning a hip or shoulder in bed or on the x-ray or operating table. This format is also perfect for seated transfers, for example, from bed to wheelchair, shower chair or toilet, and for repositioning farther back in a chair.

EasySlide, disposable is an all-in-one solution:

  • Personal sliding mat for short-term use, for maximum hygiene and safety.
  • Environmentally friendly material.
  • Sliding mats on a roll: up to 60 thin, convenient and easy-to-use mats on each roll. Rolls come in two-packs.
  • Each roll comes in a practical and hygienic plastic dispenser pack that can be hung on the wall for safe, easily accessible storage.
  • Always at hand.
  • Always new, clean and fresh.
  • Tough and durable, with superior glide properties.
  • Perforated at 50-cm intervals; just unroll and tear off the desired length.
  • Many different application areas.
  • Tubular, but can also be used open; simply separate.
  • The user guide is always at hand, since the instructions are printed directly on each mat.
  • Greater possibilities for activating the user.
  • Eliminates unnecessary and heavy lifting, which saves the caregiver’s back and shoulders.
  • Ideal for use in hospitals and in situations in which extra high demands are placed on hygiene.
  • The material is not water soluble; the perfect solution for transfers in showering and hygiene situations.
  • Also available with a practical wall and tabletop dispenser in steel.

Other versions of EasySlide

EasySlide is available in several models, materials and sizes to suit different transfer situations and needs.


The classic models of EasySlide are made of microfibre (polyester in item numbers 2010, 2011, 2015) with padding of polyester and ULF (Ultra Low Friction), Handicare’s own, unique sliding material. Most sizes of these models can also be fitted with a replaceable protective cover, which is made of polyester and can easily be cleaned. Disposable plastic covers, which are also available as accessories, provide for even better hygiene and less laundry.


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Application areas
  • Positioning In Chair
  • Preventing Pressure Sores
  • Supine Transfer
  • Turning In Bed
  • Application Of Lifting Slings
  • From Bed To Wheelchair
  • Higher Up In Bed
Model specification
Art. no.20402045
NameEasySlide, disposableEasySlide, disposable
DescriptionPersonal sliding mats on a roll, 2 rollsPersonal sliding mats on a roll, 2 rolls, incl practical wall- and tabletop dispenser in steel
Length500 mm500 mm
Width700 mm700 mm
SWL300 kg300 kg
Material(s)Polyethylene (PE) plasticPolyethylene (PE) plastic
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