For positioning in bed and for sitting transfers

EasySlide (50 x 60), (50 x 70) and (25 x 60) are excellent aids for turning in bed, for moving users higher up in bed or for transferring them from the bed to the wheelchair. EasySlide is a small, practical aid that encourages activation. For the caregiver, EasySlide decreases the number of assisted positionings and eliminates unnecessary lifting, which spares both back and shoulders.

EasySlide (100 x 70) is mainly designed for users requiring only some care who need to turn and move in bed. It performs best on a rough surface. EasySlide reduces the
friction on both shoulder and hip, which in turn reduces the risk of pressure sores. Thanks to these features, EasySlide is very gentle for users in pain but also for the caregiver

EasySlide (140 x 90 cm) is designed for normal-weight users with limited to severely reduced abilities to participate in the turning process. These users are often permanently confined to the bed, and it is therefore important to prevent pressure sores. EasySlide (200 x 90 cm) has extra padding in order to further reduce the risks of pressure sores.

The padding distributes the pressure over the entire body and reduces pressure, friction and the risk of shearing on the especially vulnerable pressure points: the shoulders, hips, head and heel.

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Application areas
  • From Bed To Wheelchair
  • Higher Up In Bed
  • Turning In Bed
Model specification
Art. no.20102020202120151220142014702030
NameEasySlideEasySlideEasySlideEasySlideEasySlideEasySlideEasySlideEasySlide (2020 + 2051)
Description50 x 60, polyester50 x 60, microfiber50 x 70, microfiber25 x 60, polyester100 x 70 cm, microfiber140 x 90 cm, 2 bed fastening straps, microfiber200 x 90 cm, 4 bed fastening straps, microfiber50 x 60, microfiber, complete with Protective cover (2020 + 2051)
Length500 mm500 mm500 mm250 mm1000 mm1400 mm2000 mm500 mm
Width600 mm600 mm700 mm600 mm700 mm900 mm900 mm600 mm
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