EasyRoll ErgoGlid Underpad with Sliding sheet

EasyRoll Underpad with Sliding sheet

EasyRoll Underpad with Sliding sheet is used in the same way as the EasyRoll Underpad, but has ergonomic side sections and is used for pro­tection in the bed for those with incontinence and as an aid when reposi­tioning. The protection absorbs approx. 1–2 litres/m2 and has a laminated barrier layer that prevents liquid seeping through to other bed linen. The Underpad is strong and very suitable for use when turning/repositioning patients in bed. The sliding surface on the bottom gives an excellent prod­uct combination of aids for incontinence and repositioning.


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Model specification
Art. no.80010P
NameEasyRoll Underpad with Sliding sheet
DescriptionUnderpad with incontinence protection
Length800 mm
Width1800 mm
Material(s)Polyester bed surface. Polyester/rayon absorber. Polyurethane liquid barrier. Duchesse sliding surface.
Fits mattress:80-90 cm
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