Floor console for arm support

When wall mounting of Hinged arm support is not possible or desirable

Handicare’s Floor console for arm support is the perfect solution when wall mounting of Hinged arm support is not possible or desirable, e.g. if the walls of a toilet or bathroom are not suitable or if the arm support is not long enough, due to the depth or position of the toilet. In these situations, The Hinged arm support of Handicare can be installed on Floor console for arm support with retained safety, stability and functionality.

Once mounted on the floor console, the height of the arm support can be continuously adjusted, to a maximum height of 860 mm, to fit all users.

The floor console features a solid construction with a floor plate made from stainless steel. It is supplied complete with backing plate, aluminium clamps and bolts for mounting of Hinged arm support.

The floor console will be delivered excluding the hinged arm support!

Order information

Handicare’s Floor support for arm support is available in several materials and colours; coated steel (white/anthracite) and coated stainless steel (only availabe in the colour white) and polished stainless steel with neutral white aluminium clamps. For complete article numbers, please consult the Order information document which is available as a pdf in the “Documentation” section hereunder.

  • Durable steel or stainless steel
  • Easy to install, Wall mounting set (art. no. LI2806.0000-00) is available as an accessory
  • Supplied complete with Insulation set M8 x 4 (art. no. LI2880.0006-02), which provides for electrical insulation and covering of fixing points for a stylish look and to make the floor console easy to keep clean
  • Extremely secure, provides reliable support for users weighing up to 150 kg
  • 5 years warranty

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Model specification
Art. no.LI2608.000x-xx
NameFloor console for arm support
DescriptionHeight 1000 mm, complete with fixings and Insulation set M8 x 4, for all variants of Hinged arm support
Coated steel white: LI2608.0001-02
Coated steel anthracite: LI2608.0001-11
Polished stainless steel white plastic flanges and covers: LI2608.0002-02
Coated stainless steel white: LI2608.0004-02.
Total width60 mm
Total height1000 mm
Max. user weight150 kg
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