Rotating bathtub bar

The perfect support handle for safe getting in and out of a bathtub

The rotating bathtub bar is the perfect solution for anyone who feels that getting in and out of the bathtub is not as safe and easy as it should be. The rotating bathtub bar provides a good, strong, ergonomic grip for the user to hold during transfers. To enable the ultimate grip for each user, the handle of the bathtub bar can easily be rotated to the desired position, which is then automatically locked.

The rotating bathtub bar is simply placed at the preferred place on front side of an existing bathtub without damage or permanent changes to the bathtub. An adjustment clamp with a non-scratch, anti-slip surface keeps the rotating bathtub bar securely in place and the rotating bathtub bar is very easy to move or remove as desired.

  • Easy to install and easy to move, without damage or permanent changes
  • 360 degrees rotating, enables the ultimate angle/grip for each user
  • Looped shape of handle gives two handles
  • Full plastic, light weight
  • Easy maintenance, clean regularly with normal househould detergent
  • Max. user weight: 130 kg

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Model specification
Art. no.10879
NameRotating bathtub bar
Description360 degrees rotating, white plastic
Total height468 mm
Max user weight130 kg
Total weight2.1 kg
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