A unique solution for early mobilization

In cooperation with a leading American hospital, Handicare has developed a unique, ergonomically designed walking aid for early mobilization, specifically for cardio-thoracic and abdominal post surgical users. RoWalker400 also features integration for oxygen, drain bags and IV poles to enable convenient use of an oxygen tank during walking training.

Safe and secure walking and standing training

RoWalker400 offers safe and secure support during walking and standing training with users with impaired leg strenght and balance. RoWalker400 has a stable construction and can manage users weighing up to 180 kg/400 lbs.

Seat pads for support and comfortable resting

RoWalker400 offers a unique and very practical feature; the built in split seat pads which provide for comfortable resting as well as for extra security for users with weak legs. To facilitate the transfer into and out from the walker, the seat pads can be swung away and folded up to the sides of the walker.

Adjustable settings for individual adaptation

Several adjustable settings ensure the perfect fit for every user. The height of the soft and comfortable armrests is conveniently adjusted using the lever easily accessible next to one of the handlebars. The angle of the armrests and the handlebars is individually adjustable to enable optimal comfort and ergonomics. Locking handles secure the appropriate height and angle of the armrests. The base-width can be adjusted using the foot pedal on the caregiver’s side of the walker.

Small and convenient, easy to manoeuvre

RoWalker400 is relatively small and convenient and very easy to manoeuvre. Four easy rolling castors provide for smooth movement on any flat floors. The rear castors are equipped with directional wheel locks facilitating straight walking. The front castors can be locked to secure a non-moving position of the walker, e.g. during sit-to-stand and when the user is resting sitting down.


  • Ergonomic, safe and secure
  • Provides excellent support for walking and standing training
  • For early mobilization, specifically for cardio-thoracic and abdominal post surgical users
  • Unique design with built in seat pads for comfortable resting as well as for security during walking
  • Stepless adjustment of height
  • Stepless adjustment of inner width between the armrests and distance between the handle bars
  • Soft knee pads provide maximum support
  • Adjustable base width enables placing of RoWalker400 close to wheelchairs
  • Small and convenient, easy to manoeuvre
  • Directional wheel locks on the rear castors facilitate straight walking
  • Locks on the front castors
  • Hooks for portable oxygen system and oxygen tank holders, which are available as accessories, enable convenient use of an oxygen tank during walking training

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Application areas
  • Support For Gait Training
  • Standing Training
Model specification
Art. no.20101010
DescriptionWalking aid, powder-coated steel
Length987 mm
Width694 mm
Height1172-1379 mm
Total weight37.5 kg
Seat depth265 mm
Seat width480 mm
Castors diameter (Ø)80 mm
SWL180 kg
Material(s)Powder-coated steel
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