Shower seats

Provides support and a safe, seated position for the user in the shower

This shower seat is a compact and very convenient wall mounted shower seat with double floorsupport for extra stability. The U-shaped front opening makes it easier to wash intimate body parts without standing up. After use, the shower seat can be folded away to save space in the shower.

The shower seat is supplied with the double floorsupport already mounted. The floorsupport is adjustable for individual seat height from 400 to 500 mm. The shells support even on uneven floors.

  • Wall mounted, easy to install
  • Compact design, easy to fit
  • With floorsupport
  • Aluminium and plastic, suitable for wet environments
  • To save space, the shower seat can be folded away after use
  • Adjustable seat height
  • U-shaped front opening for easy washing of intimate body parts without standing up
  • Easy maintenance, clean regularly with normal household detergent

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Model specification
Art. no.12226
NameShower seats
DescriptionWall mounted shower seat with floor support, blue
Seat width410 mm
Seat depth365 mm
Max. user weight150 kg
Seat height400-500 mm
Material(s)Aluminium/powder-coated stainless steel/plastic
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