Shower stretchers

Various models enable showering in a lying position

Handicare’s wall mounted Shower stretcher is a convenient and extremely secure facility allowing the user to shower in a safe and comfortable lying position. It also makes it easier for a caregiver to maintain an ergonomic posture while assisting the user with washing, drying, dressing and undressing. The shower stretcher is especially suitable for mounting above a bathtub and it can also be used as a changing table.

To accommodate for different user needs and for bathrooms of different sizes, the shower stretcher is available in four models, each available in three different lengths.

  • The flat model is ideal for users requiring frequent turning. It also works well for both right- and left-handed caregivers as the user’s head can be positioned at either end of the stretcher.
  • The model with adjustable backrest enables a slight rising on the left hand side. Rising the user’s head and upper body can facilitate tasks such as washing the user’s hair. The backrest is operated using a gas spring which is fitted, as standard, on the left-hand side. The adjustment range is 5°- 80°.
  • Furthermore, the flat and adjustable models are both available with a water receiver and a flexible drain hose. These models catch the water while showering the user and prevent the caregiver from getting wet in the process.

All models feature the same compact design with smooth shapes and surfaces providing for easy maintenance and good hygiene.

The shower stretchers are securely fixed to the wall and are fitted with two support legs ensuring that the load is effectively distributed during use. After use, the shower stretchers can be folded up towards the wall, together with the legs, allowing for more free space for performance of other tasks or for other users of the room. The models without water receiver can also be folded down. A wall clamp locks the shower stretcher to the wall in the folded up position.

The shower stretchers are very easy to install and, naturally, they are made from strong and durable materials which can withstand water and which are easy to keep clean. All models are fitted with a strong textile covering; a woven polyester with plastic coating, which is stretched tightly and firmly attached round the frame and which adapts to the body temperature during use. The covering is fully glued around and flush with the frame to facilitate transfers and provide for good hygiene.

Order information

The frame is available in several materials; coated steel seat and coated stainless steel (both are available in white only). The covering is available only in neutral white colour. For complete article numbers, please consult the Order information document which is available as a pdf in the “Documentation” section hereunder.

  • 4 models, each available in three different lengths
  • Compact design
  • Foldable to allows for more free space in the bathroom
  • Enable showering in a secure and comfortable lying position
  • Provides a safe and ergonomic work environment for the caregiver
  • Durable steel or stainless steel for easy maintenance
  • Watertight construction
  • Hygienic design with rounded shapes and sleek surfaces
  • Very easy to install, Wall mounting set (art. no. LI2807.0000-00) is available as an accessory
  • Supplied complete with Insulation set M6 x 4 (art. no. LI2860.0000-00), which provides for electrical insulation and covering of fixing points for a stylish look and to make the shower stretcher easy to keep clean
  • Extremely secure, provides reliable support for users weighing up to 150 kg
  • The support legs ensure that the load is well distributed

Combinations and accessories for indiviually adapted bathroom solutions

Handicare’s range offers a wide choice of safe and comfortable assistive devices and practical accessories; products that can be supplied in several materials and colours and that can be combined in an endless number of ways to provide for increased versatility and usability and for the creation of individually adapted support solutions for different locations and user needs. For example, for increased safety and security, the shower stretchers can be equipped with side fences, in the same materials and colours, which are available as accessories.


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Model specification
Art. no.LI2403.150x-xxLI2403.170x-xxLI2403.190x-xxLI2408.150x-xxLI2408.170x-xxLI2408.190x-xx
NameShower stretchersShower stretchersShower stretchersShower stretchersShower stretchersShower stretchers
DescriptionFlat, length 1490 mm, incl. Insulation set M6 x 4Flat, length 1690 mm, incl. Insulation set M6 x 4Flat, length 1890 mm, incl. Insulation set M6 x 4Adjustable backrest, with water receiver and flexible drain hose, length 1490 mm, incl. Insulation set M6 x 4Adjustable backrest, with water receiver and flexible drain hose, length 1690 mm, incl. Insulation set M6 x 4Adjustable backrest, with water receiver and flexible drain hose, length 1890 mm, incl. Insulation set M6 x 4
Coated steel white: LI2403.1501-02Coated steel white: LI2403.1701-02Coated steel white: LI2403.1901-02Coated steel white: LI2408.1501-02Coated steel white: LI2408.1701-02Coated steel white: LI2408.1901-02
Coated stainless steel white: LI2403.1504-02.Coated stainless steel white: LI2403.1704-02.Coated stainless steel white: LI2403.1904-02.Coated stainless steel white: LI2408.1504-02.Coated stainless steel white: LI2408.1704-02.Coated stainless steel white: LI2408.1904-02.
Total length1490 mm1690 mm1890 mm1490 mm1690 mm1890 mm
Total width670 mm670 mm670 mm690 mm690 mm690 mm
Total height900 mm900 mm900 mm925 mm925 mm925 mm
Total depth785 mm785 mm785 mm870 mm870 mm870 mm
Max user weight150 kg150 kg150 kg150 kg150 kg150 kg
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