SitWalk Art. No. 6085

SitWalk - sounds like something Chuck Berry invented?

This product is discontinued

No, it is not a trendy dance from the fifties or a variant of the Chuck’s famous Duck Walk. SitWalk is designed to facilitate repositioning of a user, e.g. when moving the user further back in a chair or wheelchair.

The device is named after the method of moving a user backwards in the chair to a more comfortable sitting position. Lean the user sideways and move one buttock at a time, facilitating a hip-hitch.


FootStool can be used to reduce pressure underneath the thighs.


SitWalk is made of nylon and polyester which resists soiling.


  • The construction is very strong and therefore very safe to use.
  • SitWalk is wide and provides a good supporting surface without pressing in.
  • Padded handles for strong, secure grips.
  • Four handles on each side allow flexibility and enable a correct working position for the caregiver.


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Application areas
  • Positioning In Chair
Model specification
Art. no.6085
DescriptionExtra largo, accesorio para StandUp
Length2450 mm
Width120 mm
DescriptionExtra long, accessory for StandUp
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