Software for diagnostics

Access further information about the ceiling lift unit

RiseBasic and RiseAtlas are very service-friendly. In general, service and the most frequent changing of spare parts require very few, if any, tools.

A special software, which is available as an accessory, allows a PC to access further information about the ceiling lift unit, e.g. number of operating hours and lifts performed, number of overloads, statistics on service etc.

Software for diagnostics is available as an accessory for:

  • RiseBasic300M
  • RiseBasic440M
  • RiseAtlas450M
  • RiseAtlas450M
  • RiseAtlas450T
  • RiseAtlas450T
  • RiseAtlas625M
  • RiseAtlas625T
  • RiseAtlas625T


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Model specification
Art. no.70200048
NameSoftware for diagnostics
DescriptionSoftware. Accessory for all models of RiseBasic, RiseAtlas and RisePorto ceiling lift units.
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