Soft padding for the lift straps of a lifting sling

StrapsPadding are tubular padding cases that are used to give the lift straps on a lifting sling an extra covering of soft, outer material when the user is sensitive to pressure.

StrapsPadding can be applied in a variety of ways for improved comfort, for example, for user with leaning seated postures and/or spasticity. They are secured with VELCRO® brand fastener strips and are very easy to apply, readjust or remove for laundering.

Wipeable material – can be cleaned using disinfectants

StrapsPadding are also available in a wipeable material which can be cleaned using disinfectants.


StrapsPadding can be used as an accessory for all lifting slings with divided leg supports. StrapsPadding can also be used with BariSling, StandingVest and WalkingVest.

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Model specification
Art. no.4935000049373300
DescriptionTubular padding cases for lift straps on lifting slings, wipeableTubular padding cases for lift straps on lifting slings
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