For extra support and security

SupportStraps is a multi-functional accessory providing extra support and security for users during standing, gait training and transfers with SystemRoMedic™ belts, sit-to-stand aids and transfer platforms.

SupportStraps can be used as:


  • leg harness for EasyBelt and FlexiBelt, effectively preventing the belt from sliding upwards during transfer or gait training
  • torso/side support when using QuickMove together with EasyBelt, FlexiBelt or FlexiMove
  • side support when using ReTurn together with ReTurnBelt.


SupportStraps consist of two separate straps, each with a loop on one end and a plastic clasp on the other end. Removable, padded cases relieve the pressure when the straps are used as leg harness.

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Application areas
  • Standing Training
  • Support For Gait Training
Model specification
Art. no.6061
DescriptionAccessory for belts, 1 pair
DescriptionAccessory for belts
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