EasyRoll 4way Sliding Drawsheet Inco

EasyRoll 4way Sliding Drawsheet Inco

This sliding draw sheet is placed directly on top of a sliding sheet, with the sliding surfaces against each other. EasyRoll Sliding Draw Sheet is a technical aid for healthcare professionals for easy turning/repositioning of a user who is in bed.


When turning the user, the sliding draw sheet is released from the mattress. The healthcare professional grips the sliding draw sheet by the user’s hip and shoulder and makes sure that they fill their hands with fabric. Then, keeping their wrists straight, the healthcare professional transfers their weight to lean backwards. If there are two care assistants, the second can help by pressing down on the shoulder and hip on the opposite side and pushing. The user will then turn over. After turning, the sliding draw sheet is tucked in on both sides of the mattress.

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Model specification
Art. no.10992-5
NameEasyRoll 4way Sliding Draw Sheet, Inco
DescriptionSliding draw sheet with 2 x 5 handles, 140x200 cm
Totale lengte1400 mm
Totale breedte2000 mm
Material(s)Duchesse. Barrier: PU. Absorbent: Polyesterrayon


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