EasyRoll Sliding Sheet Elastic

EasyRoll Sliding Sheet with Elastic fit

This sheet has the same functionality as the other EasyRoll Sliding Sheets but also have an elastic band embedded on the edges keeping the sheet fixed to the mattress during use. This also makes it really fast to place the sheet correctly when making the bed.

EasyRoll is unlined and consists of a sliding surface laminated on a sheet.The EasyRoll system is available in numerous versions and sizes with various functions adapted to ensure you can find the best solution for your needs.

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  • Max. bestandsgrootte: 50 MB.
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Application areas
  • Draaien in bed
Model specification
Art. no.419031R
NameEasyRoll Sliding Sheet Elastic
Totale lengte2000 mm
Totale breedte900 mm
Bed, breedte900 cm
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