RisePorto - Next generation!


Handicare is now introducing two new versions of RisePorto.

Our compact and extremely light-weight portable ceiling lift unit for professional and highly functional care environments with a harmonic and human atmosphere.



Safe and flexible lifting solutions
  • Two portable models, SWL 140/205 kg
  • For all settings and situations
  • Compact format, extremely low weight
  • Integrated, foldable sling bar
  • New emergency stop button
  • New hook for easy mounting
  • New plastic casing with product information prevents lift strap from jamming

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New 360° turning trolley
RisePorto is used in combination with a new 360° turning trolley, which is ordered separately. The trolley allows RisePorto to swivel during use, which effectively prevents the lift strap from twisting.

Extra trolleys facilitate transfer of a ceiling lift unit from one room or rail system to another. In combination with room transfer straps, which are available as accessories, they also facilitate transfer of users from one room to another.

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New handle for mounting
A handle for mounting, which is available as an accessory, facilitates mounting and dismantling of the lift unit on the rail system, making it easy to transfer between different rail systems and rooms.

The same lift unit can therefore be used in many locations and for several users, giving it a high degree of utilization.

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