MiniLift160 Classic

Offers a totally unique and very comfortable sit-to-stand experience

MiniLift160 Classic is a mobile sit-to-stand lift which has been developed to, as gently as possible, assist the user when rising from a sitting to a standing position. When MiniLift160 Classic is combined with the appropriate lifting accessories, the user gets support under the feet, for the front of the lower legs and behind the back, which provides for a safe and secure, yet active sit-to-stand procedure.

Application areas
  • Positioning In Chair
  • Rising To Sitting Down
  • Standing Training
  • From Bed To Commode
  • From Bed To Wheelchair
  • From Wheelchair To Toilet
Model specification
Art. no.400641436400641437
NameMiniLift160 ClassicMiniLift160 Classic
DescriptionMobile sit-to-stand liftMobile sit-to-stand lift with low legs. Bed clearance 58 mm.
Safe working load160 kg160 kg
Unit1 1
Recommended user height1400-2000 mm1400-2000 mm
Total weight39 kg39 kg
Lifting speed without load35 mm/s35 mm/s
MaterialPowder-coated steelPowder-coated steel
Emergency loweringManual and electricalManual and electrical
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