Choosing the right stairlift

Stairlifts in the US

Have your authorized dealer check your staircase!

Before placing an order for a stairlift you should ensure the staircase has been assessed to make sure it is suitable for the stairlift you have chosen. It is rare that a stairlift cannot be fitted to a staircase but some systems may have limitations that mean they are not suitable for your home.

You do not need to worry about surveying your staircase; Your authorized Handicare stairlift supplier will do this for you. They will advise you of any adjustments required to fit your stairlift (e.g. move a heater) and which is the best side of your staircase to fit your stairlift.

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Advisor measuring the stairs with Photosurvey

Photosurvey by Handicare

Your staircase survey will be conducted with our Photosurvey system.

Stairlift advisor talking through available stairlifts and options

User assessment

A non-intrusive assessment will help choosing the right stairlift.


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