Stairlifts in the US

Popular questions about stairlifts

If you are thinking about having a stairlift you may have some questions, this section is designed to answer some of the most popular questions people have about stairlifts.

For many people making the decision to have a stairlift installed can be a daunting one. We have answered a few of the more common questions below. If you have further questions your Authorized Handicare Stairlifts supplier will be happy to answer these, no matter how small. Don't worry, it is unlikely you will be the first person to ask!

1.    Will a Handicare stairlift fit on my particular staircase?

Handicare stairlifts are exceptionally versatile -- designed to fit into virtually any home.  Our broad selection of models enables installation onto both standard and narrow staircases, and our flexible designs easily accommodate curved stairs, stairs with intermediate landings, multiple floors, and even spiral stairways. Further, our choice of parking options allows the stairlift to be parked in a convenient, unobtrusive location to ensure easy access to doorways or to permit others to use the stairway.

2.    Can a Handicare stairlift be installed outside?

Handicare offers outdoor models that are easily installed outside and are fully protected against harsh environmental conditions.

3.    How will my Handicare stairlift be fitted into my home?

A qualified Handicare representative will visit your home and measure your staircase to ensure a perfect fit. Our stairlifts are attached directly to the stairs themselves and not to any walls. We use robust mounting brackets that attach to the stairs at approximately every third step.

4.    Do I have to modify or add power to the surrounding area for my Handicare stairlift?

All Handicare Stairlifts run on a standard household outlet of 110V.

5.    What happens in a power outage?

All Handicare stairlifts are battery operated, thus in the event of a power failure they will continue to work for up to 10 cycles (up and down your stairs) before needing to be re-charged. The battery receives a continuous charge while parked to ensure maximum battery availability in the event of a power outage.

6.    Can insurance reimburse any of the expense for my stairlift?

While the cost of installing a stairlift is not reimbursed by Medicare, you may be advised to check the following potential reimbursement options: your insurance policy, State aid such as Medicaid, workers’ compensation, vocational rehabilitation grants, government grants, and local or regional reimbursement sources such as from fraternal organizations, church groups, or service agencies.

7.    What safety features are built into a Handicare stairlift?

Safety is Handicare's top priority. All Handicare Stairlifts carry applicable worldwide safety certifications.

All Handicare Stairlifts have 7 safety sensors that will automatically -- and immediately -- stop the lift if anything is detected in its path.

Please note that the Handicare stairlift user is in control of the movement of the stairlift.  All Handicare stairlifts have “hold to run” pushbuttons which will make the stairlift stop immediately if the button is released. As an additional safety feature, our stairlifts have an "Emergency stop” button to activate if necessary that will immediately stop the stairlift.

To ensure maximum safety while riding on our Stairlifts, all Handicare Stairlifts have seat belts for use while in transit.

8.    How easy is a Handicare stairlift to use?

All Handicare Stairlifts are built with user friendliness in mind. The Stairlifts can be controlled either by the users themselves using convenient arm-mounted controls, or by a caregiver using remote controls located at the top and bottom of the stairway. The remote control feature has the added benefit of being able to call the stairlift to or from the top or bottom of your stairs.

Note that all Handicare Stairlifts are fitted with a chair swivel feature which helps to avoid acting as a safety hazard when dismounting or mounting on the top of the stairs.

9.    How long does it take to install a Handicare stairlift?

A Handicare straight stairlift can usually be fully installed in as little as 2 hours. Depending on the complexity of your staircase, a curved stairlift may take approximately 4 hours.

While on site, Handicare installation technicians will provide full user training and ensure that you are familiar with your stairlift’s operation and maintenance before they leave.

10.    Can I install a stairlift myself?

Handicare fully supports and adheres to the standards set by the Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association (ASME) which 'does not support installation or servicing of accessibility lifts by inexperienced persons.'

Important: For safety and warranty reasons, Handicare does not endorse or warrant installation of its Stairlifts by any unauthorized technicians or third party installers.

11. What happens if I leave my stairlift off charge?

Audible and visual signals will alert you that your lift is not on a charge point. The power supply to the stairlift should remain switched on at all times. If stairlift batteries are allowed to go completely dead they may need to be replaced.

12. Will I need to redecorate once my stairlift is installed?

Your new stairlift will be fitted to your staircase, not your wall so in most cases the answer will be no.
In some instances you may need to have a handrail moved or a window ledge reduced in order to avoid clashes with you new stairlift, in which case some minor re-decoration may be needed after the lift is installed.

13. What if I want to have a new carpet?

Your stairlift can be removed and refitted to allow for the laying of new carpets. Many stairlift suppliers offer removal and re-installation services.

14. How long will I have to wait for my stairlift?

This will depend on which lift you order. Handicare understands the difference a stairlift can make to your quality of life which is why we offer the shortest market lead times possible.

15. Which stairlift is right for me and my staircase?

Handicare offers a range of stairlift systems, all of which are detailed in our stairlifts guide. 

Your local authorized Handicare dealer will be able to conduct both a survey of your staircase and assess your needs to help you identify which system is right for you. Handicare works in partnerships with a worldwide network of medical, accessibility, mobility and elevator dealers. We are happy to ask your local authorized dealer to get in touch to answer any questions you may have regarding our products.