QuickTrolley, RiseAtlas

Accessories for RiseAtlas and RiseBasic ceiling lift units with manual transfer in the rail

Model specification
Art. no.702000467020005170200075
NameQuickTrolley, RiseAtlasQuickTrolley, RiseAtlasQuickTrolley, RiseAtlas
DescriptionQuick release trolley for RiseAtlas450M (50100057, 50100051)Quick release trolley, lowering lift unit by 70 mm, for RiseAtlas450M (50100057, 50100051)Quick release, 360° turning trolley for RiseAtlas450M (50100057), RiseAtlas625M (50100059), RiseBasic300M (50100039) and RiseBasic440M (50100040)
Unit1 1 1
Safe working load205 kg205 kg285 kg
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