A new motorised lift

EvaDrive is a new motorised lift which drastically reduces the force required for transfer and lifting of patients. Operating EvaDrive requires minimal strength and effort even in the narrowest of spaces.

Our new sling catalogue!

Handicare's line includes a wide range of functional and comfortable, high-quality lifting slings that are adapted for all types of lifting and for users with different needs.
Each of our lifting sling models is designed and produced for optimal functionality, both for the user and the caregiver and for one or a few specific situations. Download our new sling catalogue to read more.

Turning with sliding sheets

Handicare's high-quality systems of sliding sheets are designed to facilitate repositioning higher up in bed, turning and minor repositioning in bed. Our well thought out system of sliding and draw sheets that complement each other and contribute to making day-to-day life easier for both users, healthcare professionals and private carers.

Our ceiling lifts

We have several models and variants of ceiling lift units, with different lifting capacity, features and functionalities, which can be used both on permanently installed rail systems and on freestanding lift stands.