Shower seats

For relaxed shower experiences in a practical bathroom
Showering, and all activities associated with it, involve a fair amount of exertion. And, given the changes in temperature and the combination of water and soap on tiles, there are also risks involved, especially for users with reduced strength and balance. Simple things, such as being able to sit down safely while showering, provide not only increased safety but also a significantly more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Various models provide a safe and comfortable place to sit in the shower
Handicare's wall mounted shower seats are available in three models with several variants. All models are securely fixed to the wall to provide safe support for transfers to and from the shower as well as a comfortable place to sit and rest while showering. All models can be folded up after use to allow for more free space in the bathroom.

Compact showerseat

The Compact Shower Seat is small, smart and has a modern design. It is perfect in the home environment as it requires very little space.

Soft shower seats

An extremely secure shower seat fitted with a soft and comfortable toilet seat with open front. Available in two variants with and without backrest and swivel armrests.

Click-On frames

For removable installation of an Ergonomic shower seat with back support. Can be hung on an Ergogrip straight or angled grabrail or on Ergogrip corner.

Cushioned cover

A soft, removable seat cover which makes all variants of Handicare's Ergonomic shower seat even more comfortable for the user.

Short shower seats

Two very compact variants with reduced seat depth and with or without backrest and swivel armrests. Ideal for shower areas with limited space.

Shower seats

A compact and very convenient wall mounted shower seat with double floorsupport for extra stability. Provides support and a safe, seated position for the user in the shower.

Cover sets

Spare parts. For covering of fixing points on Hinged arm support and Ergonomic shower seat.

Adjustable clamp levers

Fixing clamp sets for height adjustment systems for arm supports and shower seats. For easy adjustment of height.

Ergonomic shower seats

Three variants, with and without backrest and swivel armrests, in a compact and stylish design. Provides safe and ergonomic support and an active posture.