Bathroom safety

Going to the toilet, but also showering and bathing, are very personal matters which people really prefer to do independently for as long as possible. In order to provide safe independence, for example for users in wheelchairs, the entire design of the bathroom as well as the availability of suitable support and safety equipment must be carefully considered.

Also for users with minor difficulties, such as reduced strength and balance, sitting down on and getting up from the toilet can be quite difficult. Taking a bath or a shower can be even more energy-consuming and risky. Simply increasing the height of the toilet and providing a little extra support in the right location can be sufficient to enable these users to visit the toilet independently without compromising safety. Having something sturdy to hold on to or being able to sit securely while showering but also while drying off, dressing and performing other body care activities, provides even further reduction of stress and significantly increases the safety in these daily situations.

Bathroom adaptations - for accessible, safe and great looking bathrooms
Handicare has an own brand product series for increased independence, safety and comfort in bathrooms, showers and toilet areas in private and public environments as well as in hospitals. Handicare has a wide range of safe, practical, durable and ergonomic aids with modern design; wall mounted products and accessories creating accessible, safe and, in addition, great looking bathrooms. With Handicare, everyone can experience the comfort of safety every day.

Showering, bathing and toileting
Handicare also offers a number of easy and practical devices making an existing toilet, shower or bathroom suitable for a safe and comfortable situation without permanent installations or changes to the bathroom. In addition, our bathroom safety range includes a wide selection of shower stools, freestanding, mobile, self-propelling and tilting commode/shower chairs as well as several models of shower trolleys, all of which are available in several variants to meet with various user and caregiver requirements.