Arm supports

Safe support for increased independence
Going to the toilet is a very private matter and something all people wish to be able to do independently for as long as possible. However, for users with reduced strength and balance, getting up from but also sitting down on the toilet can be difficult. It is a very common problem causing unsafe situations on a daily basis and just a little extra support during these transfers can be sufficient to enable the user to visit the toilet independently and safely. When a grab rail is not enough, or if the toilet is not placed near a side wall, arm supports can be installed on both or either side of the toilet to facilitate transfers as well as to provide support for a sitting or standing user.

Handicare's arm supports - for reliable support beside the toilet or in the shower
Handicare's arm supports have a high static load capacity, both in the vertical and in the lateral/sideways direction, and provide extremely stable and reliable support both next to the toilet and in the shower. They are available in two models and in several lengths to enable the perfect fit for the depth of any toilet while leaving room enough for the various tasks to be performed. Both models feature a clean design with a looped double tube with a round shape and an ergonomic diameter providing a firm grip for both large and small hands. The looped double tube makes it easier for the user to grip and hold onto the front of the arm support during a forward transfer and prevents the hand from slipping off the rail. This design also prevents clothing from getting caught by the tube.

Soft armrest

Accessory for Hinged arm support and Fixed arm support.

Cover sets

Spare parts. For covering of fixing points on Hinged arm support and Ergonomic shower seat.

Adjustable clamp levers

Fixing clamp sets for height adjustment systems for arm supports and shower seats. For easy adjustment of height.

Fixed arm supports

Five lengths for extremely secure, fixed support beside the toilet or shower seat and while standing or adjusting clothing.