Rail systems

A stationary lifting solution, consisting of a ceiling lift unit mounted either on a permanently installed rail system or on a freestanding lift stand, is an ergonomically ideal alternative that eliminates the need for manual lifting and allows the caregiver to always choose the optimal working stance. Furthermore, the lift system is always in place, it requires a minimum of floor space and it is very easy to manoeuvre. Another advantage is that the system provides a large lifting area and the possibility of both low and very high lifting.

Handicare's range includes stationary lift systems both for permanent installation on the ceiling and/or on the walls and as freestanding lift stands. We also have a wide selection of ceiling lift units for all situations, settings and users.

A permanently installed rail system such as MilkyWay is the right solution when:

  • the need for lifting is permanent or frequent
  • space is limited
  • room furnishings must be adapted freely according to the situation and needs
  • you need to create optimal working conditions and prevent load injuries and accidents in connection with patient transfers
  • you need a solution that is easy for the caregiver to use
  • you want to provide the best possible quality of care while allowing the user to experience a sense of security, control and dignity

Castor gantry

A safe, high-performance and portable freestanding lift stand for max 300 kg/660 lbs.


A complete, simple and safe rail system for permanent installation on the ceiling and/or on the walls.


A safe, high-performance freestanding lift stand with a cross-rail, for max 285 kg/628 lbs.