For bariatric users

Different groups of users have different needs and requirements. Two basic requirements for transfer and lifting aids to be suitable for larger and heavier users are related to size and safe working load. 

This section provides an overview on what Handicare transfer and lifting aids are especially suitable for larger and heavier users and for four different categories of transfers:

  • Transfer; assistive devices for manual transfers of larger and heavier users between two locations.
  • Positioning; assistive devices for manual repositioning of larger and heavier users within the same location. 
  • Support; assistive devices for mobility support e.g., during sit-to-stand or gait training.
  • Lifting; assistive devices for manual and mechanical lifting of larger and heavier users.

You will also find a couple of bathroom and bedroom aids for larger and heavier users.

For more information or to make an appointment for a demonstration, contact us or your local Handicare partner.

EasyGlide, oval

For supine transfers, from one bed or stretcher to another, but also for positioning higher up in bed and for assisting placement of a lifting sling.


Four-point sling bar with built-in adjustment function. For users weighing up to 454 kg/1000 lbs.


A sliding sheet intended for users who have difficulties turning in bed and a base sheet for WendyLett2Way and WendyLett4Way.


For turning of heavy and pain-sensitive users.


An easy-to-use and incredibly effective assistive device for sit-to-stand and transfer. For larger and heavier users weighing up to 205 kg/450 lbs.


An excellent complement to ReTurn. For users with weak legs and requiring extra support.


Provides excellent support under the user's feet during seated transfers and toileting or when repositioning further back in a wheelchair.


A mobile patient lift adapted for safe and easy lifting of users weighing up to 230 kg/505 lbs.


A versatile mobile patient lift for all lifting situations, especially for heavier users weighing up to 270 kg/600 lbs.


For extremely large and heavy users - over 200 kg/440 lbs.


A combined turning device and incontinence protection.


For sit-to-stand and standing training in combination with RiseUp600EE.


For rising, standing training and gait training with users weighing 180 kg/397 lbs or more.


A 360° turning trolley for two ceiling lift units - for bariatric users. SWL 500 kg/1100 lbs.

SlingBarSpreader M

To get more room in a lifting sling when using SlingBar two-point sling bar, SlingBarSpreader M side bars can be used as an accessory.


Charder MHS2500 is used together with stationary or mobile lifts for weighing of users.

Raiser bed and chair

Furniture raisers, for raising all types of beds and armchairs to a range of height positions. Double-sided to fit furniture with round or square legs as well as furniture with runners.


A sliding drawsheet designed to work in combination with WendyLett to facilitate sliding sideways, upwards and downwards in bed.


Standard model for users with good head stability.


For users with high leg amputations.


For toileting - three variants for more active users.


For gait training in combination with a mobile or stationary lift.


For toileting - extra support for users with good head and torso stability.


For supine transfers of inert users. Bridges gaps and moves with the user during the transfer.


For supine transfers, seated positioning and application of lifting slings in a seated position.

RiseAtlas 625

A safe and easy-to-use stationary ceiling lift unit for users weighing up to 285 kg/625 lbs. Two models and one special version with and without QuickTrolleySystem, built-in transfer motor and other features.

Shower bench soft seat

Extra wide and extra strong – provides larger and heavier users with a comfortable, stable and secure support in the shower or at the washbasin.