For activating extremely large and heavy users

BariVest is a vest that is designed for rising, standing training and gait training with users weighing 180 kg/397 lbs or more. It can be used in combination with both mobile and stationary lifts, with a four-point sling bar or with BariTurn.

BariVest consists of a back section, a front section and a narrower section in the middle to enable a comfortable fit in the groin. It has two sling bar loops, both front and back, as well as belts at three levels.


BariVest is available in two sizes, both for users weighing max 570 kg/1250 lbs.


  • Easy for the caregiver to apply
  • Designed for greater safety and security during raising, standing training and gait training
  • Provides good support in the groin and around the upper body
  • Special model for extremely large and heavy users (over 180 kg/397 lbs)
  • SWL 570 kg/1250 lbs

Accessories for individual adaptation

BariVest cover, a disposable cover for the middle part of BariVest, is available as an accessory.

More accessories for individual adaptation are available.

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Application areas
  • Rising To Sitting Down
  • Standing Training
  • Support For Gait Training
Model specification
Art. no.4710301047103011
DescriptionPolyester, XXXLPolyester, XXXXL
Recommended user weight180-300 kg250-570 kg
Lift vest width190-280 cm230-310 cm
SWL570 kg570 kg
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