Sliding boards

In this section you will find Handicare's SystemRoMedic™ for manual supine and/or sitting transfers of users between two units, for example from bed to bed, from bed to wheelchair and from wheelchair to toilet, but also for positioning in wheelchair. Each productpage includes information about what transfer situations the device in question is suited for.

EasyGlide, oval

For supine transfers, from one bed or stretcher to another, but also for positioning higher up in bed and for assisting placement of a lifting sling.

Sliding cover, RollerSlide

Accessory for RollerSlide. Replaceable sliding cover made from ULF (Ultra Low Friction), Handicare's own sophisticated sliding material.


For sitting transfers to and from wheelchairs, beds, toilets, car seats and many other seated positions.


For supine transfers of inert users. Bridges gaps and moves with the user during the transfer.


WallRack provides for convenient storing of sliding mats and disposable covers for RollerSlide and EasySlide.