Hereunder you will find Handicare sliding aids and accessories for manual supine and/or sitting transfers of children between two units, for example from bed to bed, from bed to wheelchair and from wheelchair to toilet. 


More information about the different transfer aids and how to use them can be found on the respective product pages.

TurnTable 38 cm

An outstanding, easy-to-use aid for transferring a user between wheelchair and chair, toilet or bed.


For sitting transfers to and from bed, wheelchair, toilet and commode and for positioning in bed.

FlexiMove (mini)

Support for sit-to-stand and positioning in bed but also for sitting transfers, often in combination with a sliding board.


For moving higher up in bed, turning and sideways transfers but also for manual lifting in connection with seated and supine transfers.


For manual lifting in a seated position, for example when lifting a user into or out of an aircraft or bus seat.


Provides excellent support under the user's feet during seated transfers and toileting or when repositioning further back in a wheelchair.


For sitting transfers to and from wheelchairs, beds, toilets, car seats and many other seated positions.