Sometimes you need a stretcher to lift a user onto a stretcher

For ambulance staff no one situation is like the other. They are constantly subjected to new challenges when lifting patients onto ambulance stretchers; stairs, toilets, narrow spaces and heavy lifting in awkward positions are just a few examples. This is where MiniStretcher comes to the rescue. It is easy to slide in place underneath the patient and has a solid construction with grip-friendly handles to secure safe heavy lifting.

The padding and neck support ensures maximum comfort for the patient.

The flexible MiniStretcher adapts to the shapes of ambulance stretchers, so they can remain under patients for the entire journey.

Naturally, the MiniStretcher fulfills all medical hygiene requirements. Since MiniStretcher can be exposed to both dirt and blood, it is waterproof and washable.

  • Very easy to use, clear instructions are available on the stretcher.
  • The neck support provides good support under the patient’s head.
  • Light padding on each side of a flexible plastic board makes MiniStretcher comfortable enough to be left under the patient during the ambulance transport.
  • The handles provide good gripping options and are placed near the friction points.
  • The durable surface is very easy to clean.

Suggested equipment for an ambulance stretcher

MiniStretcher is placed under or on top of the ambulance mattress. The storage pocket for EasyGlide is placed around the frame of the ambulance stretcher under the ambulance mattress. In the storage pocket EasyGlide 5050 or 5020 is stored.

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Application areas
  • Up From The Floor
  • Higher Up In Bed
  • Supine Transfer
  • Turning In Bed
Model specification
Art. no.4017
Length1350 mm
Width430 mm
SWL200 kg
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