PhotoSurvey by Handicare

For quick and easy staircase surveys

Most staircase surveys are very quick and easy to perform. If your staircase is more complex with intermediate landings, fan stairs or a spiral for example, the survey may be conducted quickly with Handicare photographic survey systems (PhotoSurvey). Handicare’s curved stairlift tracks are designed to suit your individual staircase so it is important the staircase is measured accurately to ensure your track is the best possible fit for you and your staircase.

Most Handicare dealers use our photographic survey systems for surveying curved staircases. This specially developed electronic system maximises the accuracy of a curved staircase survey whilst minimizing the time needed to carry it out.

Cards are placed on and around the stairs and photographed. Our specialist software measures these images to create an accurate 3D model of your staircase so the track is designed to fit your staircase perfectly.

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Model specification
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