About lifting slings

Handicare' line includes a wide range of functional and comfortable, high quality lifting slings that are adapted for all types of lifting and for users with different needs. The lifting slings are available in several materials and in many different sizes. All of our lifting slings can be used, to advantage, in combination with Handicare's mobile lifts and ceiling lift systems, but they may also be used with lifts from other manufacturers. For more information on combinations, please consult your local Handicare representative.

Different models for different situations

Each of our lifting sling models is designed and produced for optimal functionality, both for the user and the caregiver and for one or a few specific situations. Some models and materials work best for seated transfers, for example, between bed and chair, while others are adapted for situations such as lifting from the recumbent position, for hygiene, bathing or showering. Further information on which models are best suited for which situations can be found in the "Find the right model" page hereunder. Each product page also provides information about what situations the lifting sling model in question is optimally suited for.

Choosing, caring for and security testing of lifting slings

This section provides different tools to facilitate the choice of model, material, size and accessories as well as more information on maintenance and security testing of the lifting slings. There is also an aid to periodic inspection that supports quality assurance and documentation of functional testing and safety assessments of our lifting slings.

Application of lifting slings according to Handicare

The user's functional ability and need for support determine the choice of lifting sling model, but also the choice of application and removal technique. In order to make application and removal of lifting slings faster, easier and more convenient and, above all, to activate the user as much as possible, we have developed a number of Handicare methods. Read more and watch the videos on the pages hereunder!